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Maybe we’re not doing so well running the world

Publicado em 11 de jul de 2017

Former Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) tells Larry why he believes America’s foreign policies present a bigger danger to the US than North Korea and that a radical reconsideration of the United States role in global affairs is needed. Paul also discusses Obamacare and why he thinks it has destroyed the doctor-patient relationship.

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How to ‘handle’ North Korea?

Publicado em 19 de jun de 2017

Otto Warmbier, an American student held in North Korea for 17 months and recently released with severe neurological trauma following months spent in a coma, has passed away. President Donald Trump responded to the news by lamenting the “bad things” which happened in North Korea, “but at least we got him home to his parents.” He added that North Korea “is a brutal regime, but we’ll be able to handle it.” What does he mean? Dr. Gina Loudon, conservative author and commentator, and Rob Taub, Democratic strategist and radio host, join “News with Ed” to discuss the likely US response to Warmbier’s death and other offenses of North Korea’s pariah regime.

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North Korea. Inside the most isolated country in the world

Publicado em 7 de nov de 2014

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RT takes an exclusive look at North Korea, the world’s most closed-off country. Life here is isolated from the outside world and every aspect of existence is regulated by order of the “Great Leader”, from the art you’re allowed to see, the books you can read, even to your hairstyle.

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is perhaps the least known country in the world today. Based on a political ideology known as ‘Juche’, the socialist government controls every source of information and the national leader, Kim Jong-un, preserves the peace and defends the state’s historical, spiritual and cultural heritage. It’s hard to overestimate the Commander-in-chief’s role in the country: his likeness adorns the streets and squares in every city and village. Through official portraits and statues, he is, literally, everywhere and kindergarten children are taught to sing his praises. Locals adore Kim Jong-un and consider him the Father of the Nation, he encourages everyone to be patriotic and surpass all other nations.
Almost 15% of North Korea’s GDP is reserved for military spending, and long after the Korean War of the 1950s, the country has still not signed a peace treaty with its capitalist southern neighbor. As a result, thousands of families were torn apart by the political divide. The army remains a source of inspiration; it determinates the social structure and stimulates ordinary people to devote their lives to work in the faithful service of the Marshal. The people believe that this military ideology consolidates national spirit and guarantees stability and order.
However, not even tough military methods and an ideological barrier around the country can solve the economic lag or the enormous social and economic gulf between South and North Korea. Self-reliance and self-sufficiency are in stark contrast to the economic reality. Despite developments in labour cooperation, a demilitarized zone, demarcated by a huge wall between the two states, is still amongst the most heavily armed areas in the world.
President of the Korean Friendship Association, Alejandro Cao de Benos explains that due to the generally accepted ideology of the Workers’ Party of Korea, the people will never understand nor accept a western mind-set. From childhood, they are taught to be loyal to their leader and to beware of western values.
For most viewers North Korea remains a mystery but this unique film offers a limited window of opportunity to view Korean lifestyle through the prism of North Korean peoples’ every day cares and joys. RT Doc meets ordinary workers and soldiers to hear first hand, how they lived before being isolated from the whole world.

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Beautiful to see’ next-gen missile ‘we made ourselves’ – North Korean citizen

Publicado em 22 de mai de 2017

North Korea fired a missile on Sunday that traveled about 310 miles before diving into the Sea of Japan. It is reportedly more stable and sophisticated than missiles previously developed by the regime. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un says he is ready to mass-produce them for warfare. RT America’s Simone Del Rosario reports.

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‘US has repeatedly rejected N. Korean offers to make de-nuclearization deal’

Publicado em 2 de mai de 2017

The US THAAD missile defense system, controversially deployed in South Korea, is now capable of defending against North Korea’s missiles, US officials have said. While the move may be seen as strong-arm diplomacy, the US and North Korea have a long history of failed agreements. Hyun Lee, a Fellow at the Korea Policy Institute, joins RT America’s Manila Chan to talk about the rising tensions.

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US image of North Korea does not conform with reality

Publicado em 1 de mai de 2017

Despite US condemnation of the North Korean government for conducting yet another missile test, the Pentagon will be conducting another intercontinental ballistic missile test this week and President Donald Trump has refused to rule out preemptive military action against the Kim Jong Un regime . Brian Becker of the anti-war ANSWER Coalition joins RT America’s Anya Parampil to discuss, drawing on his several visits there to offer a sharply different view than mainstream “demonization” and “caricature.”

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5 facts you need to know about North Korea

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‘We are sending an armada’ MSM getting heated over US, North Korea tensions

Publicado em 14 de abr de 2017

It seems only a spark is needed to engulf the US and North Korea in conflict. Washington is promising a harsh reaction to Pyongyang’s warning it’ll carry out a nuclear weapons test this weekend.


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Who can stop North Korea’s nuclear ambitions?

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