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Golden Gamble. Gold mining in the Philippines, a dirty business

Publicado em 4 de mai de 2017

More films about the Philippines:
– The use of child labour in the Philippine’s Paracale, or ‘Goldtown’, is widespread 
– Extracting gold involves diving into mud-filled shafts and using toxic mercury
– Poverty and lack of alternative jobs force people into this highly dangerous work
– Many die young due to work accidents or breathing problems, others develop chronic illness

The Philippines’ town of Paracale was dubbed “Goldtown” for its rich deposits of the precious metal. Despite government attempts to regulate mining, illegal pits are still commonplace. They lack even the most basic health and safety and workers are exposed to toxic mercury fumes. Dirty water causes skin diseases and they live with the constant threat of being buried alive. Workers continue to take these risks day after day, because there is no other source of income. Many of the gold miners are children whose families can’t afford to send them to school. 

Some gold is panned on the surface, but a lot has to be extracted from underground. To do that, prospectors dive into narrow, mud-filled shafts, uses snorkelling masks and long tubes too breathe. If the mine collapses, they have no chance of escape. They have a saying here, ‘while you’re down the mine, you have one foot in the grave’. Several miners have already died that way, others from respiratory diseases caused by inhaling mercury fumes. The toxic metal is used in gold extraction with no safety precautions, so it poisons the air, the ground and the water, causing long-term harm to the whole community. 

Another danger to the inhabitants of Paracale comes from disused mines, abandoned and left open, waiting for unsuspecting victims to fall in. The business takes its toll on workers, their families and the community. They have been known to demonstrate, demanding safer working conditions, better pay and other job opportunities, but change is slow. Meanwhile, extreme poverty among people who produce one of the world’s most precious metals leaves them no option but to continue with this pitiless occupation. 

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Silence is golden – Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons


Oh don’t it hurt deep inside
To see someone do something to her
Oh don’t it pain to see someone cry
How especially if that someone is her

Silence is golden, but my eyes still see
Silence is golden, golden, but my eyes still see

Talking is cheap people follow like sheep
Even though there is no where to go
How could she tell he deceived her so well
Pity she’ll be the last one to know

How many times will she fall for his lines
Should I tell her or should I be cool
And if I tried I know she’d say I lied
Mind your business don’t hurt her you fool

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Oh, não se magoe tão profundamente
Para ver alguém fazer algo com ela
Oh, não é dor
para ver alguém chorar
Oh, especialmente quando alguém é o seu

O silêncio é de ouro, mas meus olhos ainda vêem
O silêncio é ouro, de ouro
Mas meus olhos ainda vêem

Falar é barato, as pessoas seguem como ovelhas
Mesmo que não há para onde ir
Como ela poderia dizer, ele enganou-a tão bem
Pena, ela será a última a saber

O silêncio é de ouro, mas meus olhos ainda vêem
O silêncio é ouro, de ouro
Mas meus olhos ainda vêem

Quantas vezes ela vai cair na sua linha
Devo dizer-lhe ou devo manter a calma?
E se eu tentasse, eu sei que ela diria que eu menti
Mente o seu negócio, não a machuque, seu tolo

O silêncio é de ouro, mas meus olhos ainda vêem
O silêncio é ouro, de ouro
Mas meus olhos ainda vêem

vídeo clipe legendado

vídeo clipe em inglês

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