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English pronunciation – to or for


01) Expressing reason:

a) I went to the supermarket to by apples (by is a verb, so we use TO).
b) I went to the supermarket for apples (apples is a noun, that’s why we use FOR).
c) I moved to London to learn english. Is that right? Look these examples up!

02) To indicate recipient

a) I made a cake for felicity.

b) I gave the cake to felicity. (movement, transfer, from one place to another or from one person to another)

c) Felicity sold it to Ellie.

03) Expressing intention

a) I asked her to give me the keys. (verb)

b) I asked her for the keys. (noun)

04) Motive or reason (with verb).

a) I came here to talk to you.

05) Telling the time

a) Let’s meet at ten to nine.

06) Distance

a) It’s about 10 km from my house to yours.

07) Comparing

a) I prefer apples to oranges.

08) Destination

a) We are going to France.

09) Transfering (giving, sending, selling)

a) I sent it to her yesterday.

c) Felicity sold it to Ellie.

Examples FOR

01 – Beneficial or detrimental (good or bad)

a) Drinking water is good for you.

02) Periods of time

a) I lived in Spain for a few years.

3) Schedules/arrangements

a) I’ve made an appartment for 4th may. (say the fourth of may)

4) Motive or reason (with noun).

a) I went to the shop for milk.

05) Doing something to help someone

a) Cam I carry thar for you?

06) Function (with -ing verb)

a) Wine is made for drinking.

Pay atention:

a) I’m going to school.
Eu vou à escola. To usado como crase.

b) I’m going home. (para a)

Eu estou indo (para a) casa.

c) I’m going to the movies. (à o)

Eu estou indo ao cinema.

d) I’m going to the park. (à o)

e) Write according to the model. (à o)

f) Take this for your father.

g) I don’t show my house to him.

h) Jane went to school. (à)


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